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Gili Meno

Rich with exotic flora and fauna, the lush canopies of Meno's tropical tree-line give way to pristine withe sand beaches. The untouched perfection of the shore line curls gently as far as the eye can see.

Meno is a car free zone, and so are the neighbouring islands. The sound of the lapping ocean is all that you need hear.

With that ine sun-drenched sand under foot, it is perfection.

The immaculate coast, of course, us but a thereshold to tranquil turquoise waters. Inviting endless enjoyment, they boast perfect swimming temperatures all year round.

Beneath the warm waves, colourful sea life teems trought rare and pretected coral reefs.

The underwater opportunities are worldclass, with calm niches for relaxation and spectacular marine site to explore.

Gii Meno's idyllic beaches, while secluded and quiet, offer a safe heaven to the island's thriving turtle population. The Meno wall - a dive site wolrd renowed for its tropical marine life is where they make their underwater home.


Accessible Seclusion

While distincly detached, Gili Meno is approximately 700 m across the sea from Gili Trawangan.

With the speed boats you can across the water to Bali in 90 minutes and takes only 10 minutes to travel the1.5 nautical miles to Lombok.

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